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Wire Feed Rolls

Material: heat treated steel 60 ±2 HRC
”V” groove for hard wire
”VK” V knurled groove for hard-shelled cored wire
”U” groove for soft wire or soft-shelled cored wire
”UK” U knurled groove for extremely soft wire
Feed rolls with insulated core
Feed rolls can be produced upon special drawings or samples for all kinds of wires and in all sizes.

Standard feed roll sizes

D30 x 12 / d10
D30 x 12 / d14
D30 x 10 / d22
D37 x 12 / d19
D40 x 10 / d22
D40 x 10 / d32

Standard wire sizes

0,6-0,8 mm    1,4-1,6 mm
0,8-1,0 mm    1,6-2,0 mm
0,9-1,2 mm    1,6-2,4 mm
1,0-1,2 mm    2,0-2,4 mm
1,2-1,4 mm    2,4-2,8 mm
1,2-1,6 mm    2,8-3,2 mm